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Nothing stands in your way

The road isn't always smooth. It isn't always easy. Sometimes, it isn't even there at all. No matter what stands between you and your destination, though, Pajero Sport is the one that will get you there, no questions asked. Toughened by 30 yrs of 4x4 experience, Pajero Sport is what happens when willpower is given wheels.

Superior Terrain Handling Ability

Some measure performance in seconds, some in millimeters. Mitsubishi measures it in obstacles overcome and goals reached. Because challenges come in all shapes and sizes, Pajero Sport is designed to climb up, over, around and through the toughest terrain that nature can provide.

Available in GLS, GLX and 7 seater.



A world awaits

If the world belongs to those who explore it, then the world belongs to Pajero. Its 30 years of record-breaking off-road performance is matched only by its luxurious comfort and smooth sophistication. Whether your journey leads you to the farthest corners of the earth or just across town, Pajero awaits your command.

Flexible Utility Space

Every day brings new destinations, new friends, and new adventures. You don't want to be stuck in someone else's rigid assumptions of where to go and what to do. Pajero understands, and provides you an interior as versatile as it is roomy, with plenty of seating and storage options for work, fun or daily life.

Available in 2.8L GLX Diesel, 3.2L GLS Diesel, and 3.0L GLS Petrol